Creating Elevated
College Spring Break Trips

Since 1999

Creating Elevated
College Spring Break Trips

Since 1999


For the last 20 years, Campus Vacations has been creating and curating unforgettable spring break trips for thousands of students across 200 universities. From moonlit parties to relaxation packages and private-chef villas, Campus Vacations has selective destination offers perfect for your particular tastes. And with our world-renowned travel vendors, you get famously delicious seafood cuisines, infinity pools with swim-up bars, and sweeping coastal vistas that are more romantic than a James Bond island getaway. So, summon your crew, Spring Break 2020 is right around the corner. It’s time to leave the world behind, make your great escape, and set sail with hundreds of party-zealous Campus Vacationeers.


Campus Vacations takes the headache out of planning your group’s next big trip by creating thoghtfully-curated travel packages. Enjoy VIP upgrades, beachside acoommodations, and pre-planned parties on every trip.


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Where can I find info about trips?

A: Check out our page on all things Spring Break, Contact us to set a trip up at 1.866.991.8747 or fill out your info on our Contact Page!

I'm not a university or college student. Can I go on a trip?

A: Yes! Please do bear in mind our trips are geared towards university and college-aged students and you must be 18 years of age or older to travel with us. We do not allow high school students on our trips.

How do I book a trip?


1. Click “Book Now”.

2. Put in your Trip Code. Don’t Have one? Contact your Ambassador or Plan a Trip and fill out with your complete information.

3. One person (the Group Leader) will create the group by clicking Book Now, followed by Create a Group. If your group has already been created by your Group Leader, click Join a Group or click on the link in your invitation email and follow the on screen instructions.

4. The group is confirmed once the Group Leader’s payment is made.

5. During group creation, the Group Leader will enter all group information; begin by selecting the amount of people in your group.

6. Select your accommodation type and group options.

7. Enter the names, email addresses and phone numbers of your group members. All group members will receive an email with a link to join the group. Alternatively, a group member can use the CV Trip Finder to locate the correct trip, click Book Now and select Join a Group, where they’ll be prompted for their email address.

8. Select your individual options. Each group member will go through the booking steps, select their individual options, and pay for their portion of the trip.

How does rooming work?

A: All CV trips are booked as a group, not individually. Advertised prices are based on maximum room occupancy. If your group is less than your selected room’s maximum, a ‘missing person’ fee will be incurred. As per our terms and conditions, Campus Vacations is not responsible for filling rooms.

Signing up with your legal name


When traveling outside of your home country, the name on your travel documents must match the name that is on your passport. You must sign up using your full legal name. Please make sure to enter your passport information at the time of booking.

It is also possible to add and update this information on My Profile under “My Personal Info.” The deadline to update this information is 30 days prior to your final balance date.